Speaking Engagements

Keynote speaker on delivery skills

Paul LeRoux‘s speaking engagements are inspiring and entertaining, but their main purpose is to teach listeners specific skills, either presentation delivery skills or effective writing.  Participants are energized by these learning techniques. Their motivation comes from processing new knowledge—not emotional hype.

Speeches on Delivery Skills For Persuasive Presentations

For “presentation” speaking engagements, Paul asks for volunteers and promises them drastic improvement.  He then walks the volunteers through “before and after” exercises showing how to change. Viewers love it, since they know each volunteer and realize that the improvement is real—not staged.

Speeches on Effective Business Writing

With “writing” speaking engagements, Paul leads the group through techniques that produce conciseness and persuasion. At the end of the session, Paul shows the group a way to measure exactly their future improvement.

See Paul LeRoux as a Speaker

To get a flavor of Paul LeRoux’s speaking, watch this video excerpt.

Click for Paul LeRoux, speaking excerpt

Engage Paul LeRoux for Your Next Event

Both presentation and writing topics entertain and offer an opportunity to learn. Participants leave with a strong confidence that comes from acquiring a new skill. Audiences particularly enjoy these engagements because they see themselves improve even during the session.

Tell us the amount of time you need to fill and we will suggest writing or presentation information that best fit your group. If you like, we will send you a DVD that shows us teaching those techniques. You can see exactly how the content, advice and skill building will benefit your group.

To schedule Paul LeRoux to speak at your next event, call Twain Associates at 312-467-2120