Executive Speech Coaching Services

Private Executive Coaching will make you a stronger and more persuasive speaker.  There are three sessions. Because practicing at intervals is important,
I recommend all three sessions, but you can take just the first, the first and second or all three.

My feedback refers to delivery faults outlined in my book, Visual Selling: Capture the Eye and the Customer Will Follow.  I will also use principles spelled out in the book to evaluate your visuals.

FIRST SESSION (about 3 hours)

1.  Problem Clarification  – 15 Minutes
We discuss your concerns and challenges as well as feedback others have given you.

2.  Mini Presentation – 15 Minutes
You give a 5 to 10 minute mini-presentation.  Choose any topic you wish, with or without visuals.  I recommend you use visuals if you usually present with them.

3.  Delivery Skills Critique  –  30 Minutes
I provide a private overview of your strengths and weaknesses as a speaker with multiple examples and demonstrations.

4.  Visuals Feedback   –  15 Minutes
I review and critique the visuals you showed.
If they are text heavy, I explain exactly why they are ineffective.

5.  Delivery Skills Practice Units  – 45 Minutes
I demonstrate and work with you on your delivery skills – voice projection and tone, pauses, eye contact, stance, gestures, etc.  I point out where you can dramatically enhance your delivery.  I demonstrate and you practice executing each physical delivery skill.

Break  –  15 Minutes

6.  Second Presentation with Critique – 45 Minutes
You deliver your mini-presentation several more times.  I interrupt you intermittently to help you improve various delivery skills we have practiced.
(You repeat the same presentation, as I want you to concentrate on the new delivery techniques, not the content. In this first two sessions, content is irrelevant.)
This can be a difficult but game-changing session.  In sports, for example, one recognizes immediately the wisdom of a tennis or golf pro’s advice on how better to “step into the ball” or “swing the club.”  However, turning around and mimicking what the pro does is not easy.  It takes interruptions, practice, feedback, practice, interruptions, etc. This session follows the same format.  A pro shows you what to do and you struggle with it until you can more closely mimic the pro’s technique.

NEXT DAY SECOND SESSION (about 2 to 3 hours)

If possible, the second session should take place the next day. The first session involves identifying unhelpful delivery skills habits and trying to replace them with new ones. Most individuals, in a private session, can only absorb and process about three hours a day.

Rehearsal with Audience

You deliver yesterday’s mini presentation but this time with an audience. The audience is optional, but I recommend 3-8 people from your team.
I teach you the techniques for handling tough or embarrassing questions. Then we introduce and practice question and answer techniques.
Team members ask difficult, realistic questions and you respond.

The audience creates a tougher, but more realistic environment for practicing both delivery skills and question and answer techniques. I again interrupt with feedback.
These viewers can, and often do, provide reinforcement and honest endorsements—comments such as, “No, your gestures look very normal and much better than holding your arms stiff at your side or behind your back.”  Or, “You’re louder voice projection makes you come across much more sincere and convincing.”


Becoming a better presenter requires practice and feedback.  However, practice alone does not guarantee perfection.  You must practice the correct techniques.  The refresher session is important to insure that you are executing proper delivery techniques in case any previous bad habits have returned.

You present a “dress rehearsal” of an upcoming, important speech.
I will help you enhance content, delivery and your visuals. The feedback
I give you will insure the success of this important presentation.

Schedule the refresher session a week or two before the actual delivery date.  This would give you time to practice any delivery improvements that I suggest and time to make any changes that I offer concerning visuals.


If possible, the room where we practice should be similar in size to the one where your actual presentation will take place—a boardroom, an auditorium, a seminar room.
Consider providing a cam-recorder to film all three sessions. If you do, I will operate it. You retain the disc as a reminder and learning tool. I recommend the filming so you can see how you come across and observe your progress.


President and owner Paul LeRoux states:  “I promise that this coaching will improve your delivery skills and visuals 100%. Even if you believe you are a good presenter, I will show you how to boost dramatically your performance.  I guarantee it.”

PDF of Executive Speech Coaching Services