Executive Speaking Coach

Executive speaking coach and trainer Paul LeRoux

You Can Become a Powerful and Persuasive Speaker

For 25 years, Paul LeRoux has worked as an executive speaking coach, helping senior people prepare for important addresses. Presenting well is a physical skill that can be learned. Tennis or golf pros continuously work to sharpen their game. So should presenters.

Here’s a quick quiz to help you rate your presentation skills. Executive Presentation Quiz.

Executive Speech Coaching

If you wish to break out of the herd, distinguish yourself and motivate your audience, consider outside advice from executive speaking coach Paul LeRoux. With practice you can dramatically enhance your delivery skills.  He and his associates can also create visuals that entertain viewers and vividly support the speaker’s words.

A little coaching and a few rehearsals always turn an average presenter into an outstanding one. Why not “wow” participants at your next stockholder presentation, analyst briefing, annual partners meeting, large company gathering or important presentation. Executing superlative techniques, whether in sports or presenting, will reap you the applause you deserve.

See a description of an executive speech coaching session here.

Become a More Confident Speaker with an Executive Speaking Coach

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