Seminar Development

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Don’t Bore Your Audience with Text Slides

It’s astonishing how many of pros bombard their “public seminar” audiences with boring text visuals. This just proves how important enthusiasm is and how conditioned listeners are to watching a dump of words on the screen.

Why Image Visuals Persuade

Using graphics, photos and images creatively take your presentation to the next level.  They work because they:

  • Entertain. Nothing improves the enjoyment and success of a public seminar faster than converting text to images. An outstanding seminar presenter walks a fine line between giving out information and entertaining the group. Image visuals quickly add to the entertainment side of the equation.
  • Hold Listener Attention. To succeed a presentation must first hold listener attention. If viewers are not “there” mentally, it’s a tough sale. Images are the continuous, sustaining, stimulus that keeps viewers focused. If you capture viewer attention, presenters have an excellent chance to have their content heard and retained. With good images, seminar viewers can literally remember the entire presentation.
  • Keep Audience Focus on the Speaker. During their talk, seminar leaders are trying hard to establish a relationship with viewers. Images insure the presenter, not the screen, releases the news. This is vital if the speaker wishes to connect with listeners.

Image visuals determine at least half the success of seminar presentations. If you’re shooting for a high conversion of listeners to clients, images are a must.

Use a Pro for Seminar Visuals That Persuade

No one knows more about converting text slides to images than Twain. Paul LeRoux, President of Twain Associates, literally wrote the book on Visual Selling.  It’s subtitle is Capture the Eye and the Customer Will Follow.   To get creative visuals for your next presentation, call Twain today at 312-467-2120.