Paul LeRoux

Paul LeRoux, executive speaking coach

Paul LeRoux, President and owner of Twain Associates Inc.

Paul LeRoux Bio

Paul LeRoux, Twain’s owner and president, spent 10 years with corporate marketing teams producing presentations for senior management. In 1980, he started Twain Associates Inc., a communications firm. Much of his consulting prepares upper management for stockholder meetings, key addresses, competitive presentations, and venture capital pitches.

Paul LeRoux is the author of Selling to a Group: Presentation Strategies, (Harper & Collins, 1984) and Visual Selling: Capture the Eye and the Customer Will Follow, (Wiley, 2007). He also produces  presentation and writing courses on DVDs that sell in the US and overseas through foreign distributors.

In his spare time, Paul LeRoux likes to volunteer, hike mountains and visit foreign countries. He served as an officer in the US Navy, is an inventor, holds two patents and was born in Paris France.

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