Competitive Presentations

rehearse for competitive presentations

"Power is nothing without control."

To Compete Effectively, Differentiate Yourself

Most competitors dress alike, offer the same service or product and charge similar fees. The challenge is to differentiate one’s message. Unfortunately, too many firms focus on rehashing content rather than enhancing visuals and delivery skills. Yet it’s often the physical presentation, not content, that persuades listeners.

Hone Delivery Skills and Present Your Message Creatively

Create handouts and visuals that are more creative than the opponent’s and rehearse team members so they present at their strongest level. Rehearsing matters, but you must practice the right techniques or you are simply solidifying bad habits.

Rehearse Your Competitive Presentation to Persuade

Cruise and container ships hire pilots to guide them in and out of port. The captain always remains in charge. The pilot simply suggests the safest passage. The presentation consultant provides a similar service. Just as the pilot knows the changing harbor channels, the consultant, from many assignments, has learned how to stay ahead of the presentation norm.

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As the above Pirelli ad says, “Power is nothing without control.” Twain can help you harness the power of your content to a persuasive delivery and convincing visuals.  You gain the competitive edge.