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Building Better Images

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

images for powerpoint presentations

I just saw a performance of Lanford Wilson’s “The 5th of July.” It’s a powerful story of friends from the 60’s who gather to scatter the literal ashes of a beloved uncle and the figurative ashes of their past lives. The main character lost his legs in Vietnam.

Seeing him struggle around the stage with crutches made me recall a poster I owned when I was a disillusioned naval officer during Vietnam. The poster’s image was similar to the two shown here. The title read “The Army Builds Better Men.” That poster drew me in again and again, feeding my anti-war sentiments.

Effective images for PowerPoint presentationsEffective Images for PowerPoint Presentations

For me now, it is also the essence of an effective image. By itself, the image carries one literal message. But when a presenter speaks words that add a layer of meaning, the visual becomes unforgettable. “Visual Selling” is all about creating images that convey the gut benefit of your proposal, product or idea and speaking words to impress it indelibly on the prospect.

Crafting Images for PowerPoint Presentations

In sum, images for PowerPoint Presentations should be crafted carefully.  The image expresses one message, and the presenter suggests further meanings.