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12 Top Visuals Mistakes Presenters Make, And How to Avoid Them

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

As I was posting a PDF file of “12 Top Mistakes” on my website, I ran my eyes down the list. In doing so, I had three quick observations.

First, these mistakes are pervasive. Most presenters commit at least two out of the 12 errors.

Second, none of the mistakes ruins a presentation. But they’re like a glaring pimple on your chin – they sure don’t enhance the impression you make.

And third, these mistakes are all “sooo” easy to correct. We’re not learning a new skill here. Rather it’s as simple as knowing not to hike in high heels.

Here’s the quick list of 12 Top Mistakes, with a link at the right for those interested in remedies:

Mistake #1: Overlooking “Murphy
Mistake #2: Delivering Split Presentations
Mistake #3: Positioning Yourself Incorrectly
Mistake #4: Choosing the Wrong Screen Size and Position
Mistake #5: Seating Decision Makers in the Wrong Chairs
Mistake #6: Dimming the Lights
Mistake #7: Promoting the Screen
Mistake #8: Playing with Pointers and Other Toys
Mistake #9: Blocking the Screen
Mistake #10: Holding Remotes or Clickers
Mistake #11: Positioning the Lectern to the Side
Mistake #12: Reading Someone Else’s Text Slides

Which ones will you correct in your next presentation?