You Can’t Write with Handcuffs on Your Brain

You Can’t Write With Handcuffs On Your Brain
What Happens When Good Writers Get Bad Advice

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Bad Writing Ain’t Funny, but This Video Is!

“You Can’t Write With Handcuffs On Your Brain” is a hilarious 40-minute video that is guaranteed to make you feel much better about your own writing ability.

The video draws insights and examples from a wide range of historic and popular figures, from Patrick Henry to Mortimer Snerd to George Bush to Clint Eastwood–and prominently, Mark Twain.

You may also recognize characters from your office, including stuffy executive, Will Rumble; sadistic editor, Red Penmark; and wordy staff person, Minnie Syllable.

You’ll guffaw, giggle, chortle, chuckle, and belly laugh–and, along the way, learn some surprising things about writing.

You’ll find the 40-minute video equally useful as an ice-breaker for your in-house writing/training program and as provocative viewing for national meetings, sales conferences, or as a pump-primer for brown-bagger lunches.

Writing Training Package. Corporations, institutions and consultants often wish to purchase books and videos for training employees to write clearly.

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  • You Can’t Write With Handcuffs On Your Brain, DVD course

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