Write Smarter, Not Harder

Business writing training -- Write Smarter, Not Harder

Write Smarter, Not Harder

by Joe Floren
Paperback book, 231 pages, $30

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Writers. Learn about the fog index, which measures readability.  Then understand how to measure persuasiveness in your writing. Cure procrastinating. Jump start your first paragraph. Learn why rough drafting always fails. Cut your writing and organizing time in half. Persuade on paper as well as you do one to one. Find your own style, and turn it loose.

Managers. Learn to perform word surgery without scarring your subordinate’s ego. Measure clarity with the Fog index and persuasiveness with the motor-to-weight ratio.

Team Writing. Turn group writing from a mob scene into a productive partnership. Set standards for effective writing that meets, and beats, the deadlines.

  • Table of Contents
  • Sample Illustrations
  • Readability
  • Book Concepts
  • Persuasive Writing: Its Unsecret Ingredient
  • Why Outlining, Rough Drafting and Mind Mapping Fail
  • Overusing “Big” Words

The Author. Joe Floren, has successfully pursued twin careers for over three decades. One, as a top national writing consultant; two, as an acclaimed business writer. The corporate annual reports he writes have drawn praise from the Wall Street Journal, Institutional Investor, Inc. and other respected business periodicals.
Buy Today.  Fast-paced and funny, this book hits home with every page. Pick it up. Read a page or two. Then try to put it down. Better order two copies…someone is bound to borrow your first one.

Writing Training Package. Corporations, institutions and consultants often wish to purchase books and videos for training employees to write clearly.

  • Write Smarter, Not Harder
  • Driving It Home, DVD course
  • You Can’t Write With Handcuffs On Your Brain, DVD course

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