Winning Them Over: Presentation Skills Video

Presentation Writing Skills Training

Winning Them Over

Twain Productions

One hour DVD or video   $80

Twain’s Money Back Guarantee

Instructor’s Guide   $95

“Winning Them Over,” a five-topic training program, starts where others leave off. You’ll learn exactly how to persuade a group. You get time-tested, specific techniques, not trite general advice like “Know your audience.” Using the DVD or video with the instructor’s guide, you can teach either short training sessions or a comprehensive, two-day training program. The five parts are:

Delivery Skills

  • How listeners evaluate your delivery
  • Techniques for a strong beginning
  • Project expertise without being too technical
  • Burn off nervous energy
  • Use body language to command attention

Creating Visuals

  • Convert words and numbers into visuals that persuade.
  • Determine if a visual is too detailed or technical.  Most are.
  • Prepare visuals that are remembered. Words and numbers aren’t.


  • Choose the medium that fits your presentation style
  • Handle the mechanics of a major or competitive presentation
  • Rehearse effectively

Large Group Presentations

  • Learn why using a microphone makes you less persuasive
  • Speak without a script
  • Why hiding behind a lectern brings out the worst in a presenter

Questions and Answers

  • Ask indirectly how “sold” the audience is
  • How to promote questions
  • Disarm tough, embarrassing or hostile questions

Instructor’s Guide

A trainer or teacher can easily use “Winning Them Over” to show participants how to greatly enhance their delivery skills. Presenting is a very physical activity just like tennis or golf. To present well, one must execute gestures, pauses, voice projection, eye contact and the proper stance. Each of these skills involves techniques which are learnable.

The “Winning Them Over” manual shows you how to lead exercises that accomplish two objectives:

· Teach participants new habits and break old ones
· create a very interactive seminar with many standup exercises

Twain provides a money back guarantee if “Winning Them Over” and this instructor’s guide isn’t the best presentation course you’ll ever teach.