Reader Comments on Visual Selling

Reviewers Praise Visual Selling

The lessons found within Visual Selling nearly jump off its pages. This book is chock-full of reasoned insight, proven technique, and compelling logic. Perhaps most importantly, it challenges the seller to return to the center of the selling process.
—  John J. O’Connor, Chairman and CEO, DMJM Aviation, Inc.

I actually read Visual Selling straight through, because I found it so relevant to my job as an investment banker. Literally, the day after I read it, I used many of Paul’s suggestions. I have also had the pleasure of seeing the highly successful output of the authors’ advice in presentations to Wall Street and the scientific community…Those seeking outside funding would be wise to read Visual Selling.
Grant Harshbarger, Managing Director, Caris & Company

It’s ironic that as architects, we’re trained to think visually but we rarely use visual selling ideas in our presentations. After successfully using these concepts, I’m only afraid of what will happen when my competition reads this book.
Peter Schlossman, AIA, Senior Associate Principal, Loeb Schlossman& Hackl

Twenty years ago, Paul taught me the value of graphics as a tool to communicate concepts. His ability to frame an idea as an image was so powerful that I still keep a copy of our original artwork on my office wall. This new book reaffirms the importance of focusing the listener’s attention on the presenter as the key element in making the sale: PowerPoint never closed a deal, but it sure has gotten in the way of building effective communications between people.
Michael F. Dunleavy Vice President Corporate Affairs and Public Relations, Crown Holdings, Inc.

Lawyers engaged in business development or persuading juries will love this book. From boardroom to courtroom, Visual Selling will put them one-step ahead of competition or opposing counsel.
Jan Anne Dubin Director of Client Relations DLA Piper.

Oh, those horrible bullet-point presentations. As a business development professional who uses PowerPoint for a living, Visual Selling has finally cured me of those terrible word slides.
Thomas L. Fox Partner CM Profit Group

No more endless bullet lists! At last, there is a publication that successfully tackles the presentation problems associated with Microsoft PowerPoint. As a long-time professional, I have spent countless hours cleaning up and recreating presentations for clients. This book provides even novice software users the tools to create striking, professional looking visuals without the unnecessary clutter and animations, as well as cost that can bog down most presentations. A “must read” for any marketing or communications group!
Michael Shanahan Creative Director, Creative Graphic Solutions

This book is a must read, if not for the seller, at least for the sake of the listener.
Rich Wolford Vice President, QubicaAMF

Paul has done it again, reminding us how to sell effectively. Now, he shows how to use the power of the visual to persuade. This includes turning PowerPointR from a barrier between the salesperson and customer to an effective selling partner.
Ron Collins Vice President, Human Resources CMC Steel

If you are not sold on the importance of using images in sales presentations, Visual Selling ought to clinch the deal. But even for those professionals who already use images in their everyday activities—scientists, artists, doctors, and teachers—this is an extraordinarily useful compendium of dos and don’ts.  Don’t pass it up.
W. J. T. Mitchell Professor, University of Chicago and Author of Iconology, Picture Theory, and What Do Pictures Want?