Effective Speaking: Teacher’s Guide and Student Booklet

Effective Speaking: Teacher Guide and Student Booklet

Effective Speaking For school speech classes
By Paul LeRoux

Teacher’s Guide and Student Booklet
plus 60 minute Winning Them Over DVD or video

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Twain’s Money Back Guarantee

To speak well, one needs more than rhetoric or logic. Everybody dreads speaking to a group. Yet schools continue to teach rhetoric and logic — not how to cope with stage fright.

Facing a group usually creates nervousness — no matter how well prepared one is. Twain’s new approach teaches students how to channel their nervousness into gestures, voice projection, pauses, and eye contact. Prepare your students for the real world of stand-up presentations.

You’ll receive two booklets: a student manual and a teacher’s guide that walks you through all the presentation exercises you’ll be conducting with your class.

  • Excerpt from Teacher’s Guide
  • Excerpt from Student Booklet

Twain provides a money-back guarantee if the information isn’t the BEST presentation advice you’ve EVER read and seen. Also included is the 60 minute DVD Winning Them Over, covering all the content you’ll ever need to teach speaking skills.