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Twain Associates, Inc.

Twain Associates is a Chicago communications company, offering help on executive coaching, competitive presentations, litigation support, visuals, seminar development and outside funding presentations.  President Paul LeRoux also speaks about presenting and writing strategies.  In addition, the firm sells DVDs, books and course materials for training on presenting and writing.

The firm is named after Mark Twain, a highly regarded writer but also an outstanding public speaker.  Journalists writing about his appearances always mentioned his captivating delivery style and commanding presence.

Paul LeRoux, executive speaking coach

Paul LeRoux, President

Paul LeRoux

Paul LeRoux is Twain’s owner and president.  Find Paul LeRoux’s bio here.

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Peg Corwin

Peg Corwin manages marketing for Twain Associates, Inc.  In her marketing consulting business, she also helps freelancers & consultants get leads and business with social media, including LinkedIn, ProFinder, Facebook Ads & Google Adwords. She’s also a video marketing consultant, with a YouTube channel on Social Media Lead Generation

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