Twain Announces Book on Deciduous Trees Called Trees 4 Seasons

book on deciduous trees


Twain Publishers is proud to announce the publication of the book Trees 4 Seasons – a Visual Guide.  This unique reference book on deciduous trees provides a single, highly-visual source on 79 deciduous trees in an attractive and user-friendly format. Landscape architects, architects, nurseries, botanical gardens and even home gardeners will find it an invaluable reference guide.

Trees are photographed from the same angle, at the same time of day, once each season. You get a concise comparison that helps with planning landscape…It’s all at your fingertips.

Trees 4 Seasons is unlike any reference book you now have on your bookshelf. Incredibly, this resource is alone in the literary world, with the deep knowledge it provides you. Plus, it’s more convenient than digging around the web to find comparisons.

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