executive coacing and venture capital presentation rehearsals

Paul LeRoux, President of Twain Associates

Twain Associates can help executives and entrepreneurs:

Obtain Funding through Venture Capital Presentations

Venture capital presentations often dump too much information on viewers, run too long, and emphasize the entrepreneur’s goals rather than the venture capitalists’.  Let Twain help you “win” your venture capital presentations.  We have a proven track record.

Win Competitive Presentations

Only an outsider who has seen hundreds of competitive presentations can tell you if your “pitch” is superior, average or poor.  Our competitive presentation pros can help your team sell with a persuasive presentation that beats the competition.

Deliver Persuasive Keynote Speeches and Major Addresses

Practically no one sees their own delivery shortcomings.  An executive speaking coach can and will quickly enhance even good presenters .  Guaranteed.

Improve Staff Skills in Writing and Presenting

Save money on courses and purchase training materials (books and DVDs) on presentation and writing that your company can use over and over.

Paul LeRoux, president of  Twain Associates, speaks on how to give powerful and persuasive presentations.  He personally rehearses high-level executives for their competitive presentations, shareholder addresses and venture capital presentations.